Welcome to Web Rewriter

The beta version of the all-new Web Rewriter is here!

Please read the summary below to learn about what's new and what's coming soon:

What's new

  • An all-new UI makes Web Rewriter much easier to use and navigate
  • Actions can now be reordered
  • Custom JS actions can now store data (e.g. a cache) between action runs
  • Requests can now be modified
  • Actual network requests can be completely bypassed by returning a mock response during the request modification phase
  • A single custom JS action can now be used for multiple data types
  • The all-new API now uses standard JavaScript Request/Response objects and are typed in the built-in IDE

What's coming soon

Look out for these features and fixes coming soon. Please note that this plan is subject to change.

  • A GUI Find & Replace action
  • A GUI JSON property editor action
  • A GUI redirect action
  • A GUI header modification action
  • WebSocket message modification
  • MutationObserver for DOM node modifications
  • Support for custom JS initialization scripts
  • Compatibility fixes for sites that are broken when using Web Rewriter
  • Requiring Web Rewriter to be toggled on for each origin site for compatibility

Migrate from the legacy Web Interceptor

The legacy Web Interceptor console will remain available at least through the end of 2022, and potentially further depending when the first stable release of Web Rewriter becomes available.

Please note that as of the Web Rewriter beta release, the browser extension has been upgraded and is no longer compatible with legacy Web Interceptor rules. You will need to migrate your rules to the new Web Rewriter to continue using them.


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